Spying and self-defense equipment at the importer’s prices

Who we are and what we do: Welcome to the store website of Worldshop – Worldshop Technologies Ltd., a unique website that enables the purchase of products that are at the forefront of the technology of developments from around the world, as well as products developed and manufactured in our customized laboratory, at unbeatable prices.

You can come to us for advice, to purchase and to be impressed by the variety of our products. We specialize in detective equipment, surveillance equipment, security equipment, and advanced espionage.

Our company engages in advanced technological developments, starting from the idea stage and product planning to receiving a prototype and a protected product later – according to the customer’s requirement.

We work in collaboration with leading factories in the world and with the ODM production method – production after a unique development procedure that includes characterization, product planning, engineering, building models, branding and up to serial production of the products and their delivery to the customer.

We also place purchase orders for various clients and entities according to requirements or a specific SKU.

Our team: The chain’s employees go through a unique and intensive course at the chain’s management offices, only upon successfully completing the course and passing all the tests (according to the position) does the employee begin his work with the general public, starting with a service and sales person in the store, laboratory personnel, field agents and more…

All network employees are from security agencies including: special intelligence units in the police, military intelligence units, cyber units, Shin Bet, Mossad and more… with experience in a variety of unique positions and integrate into our family as needed.

* It is important to know that all branches of the chain are owned by the company only and without franchise and/or external ownership.

In Worldshop selling to individuals and wholesale. Can be purchased privately and for companies/entities. Paying through the website, answering the phone or visiting the chain’s branches, there are a variety of convenient payment options.

You can come to our stores and be impressed by the variety of products on display there and receive professional and personal advice at no cost.

גולן וישניה

National customer service

077-805-0000 Worldshop customer service – confidentiality guaranteed.

Our address – branches

Branch – Jerusalem

Derech Hebron 49, Jerusalem. For details, click here or on “Contact“).

* Display and purchase on site

Branch – Petah Tikva

18 Galis St. (M-center), Petah Tikva. For details, click here or on “Contact“).

*Exhibition and purchase on site – free and free parking in the complex.

North branchHaifa

86 Herzl Street, Haifa. For details, click here or on “Contact“).

*Exhibition and purchase on site – free and free parking in the complex.

Ashdod branch:

7 Hanaim St, Ashdod. For details, click here or on “Contact“).

Display, advice and purchase on the spot – parking next to the store.


Write about us – Worldshop appears in a variety of articles on television and around the world – for details and viewing click here

Contributing to the Community:

We at Worldshop believe that one should also know how to assist and help others, which is why we chose to assist and donate regularly to the Tikva and Marfa association. Hugging the children of dialysis and nephrology.

The official partner in Israel of the world newspaper TACTICAL NEWS MAGAZINE


Worldshop – the official partner in Israel of the global newspaper TACTICAL NEWS MAGAZINE.
TACTICAL NEWS MAGAZINE – the leading global newspaper in the field of tactics with over 50 million readers per month.

Worldshop on Facebook

You are invited to visit the Facebook page of Worldshop.

Coming soon: opening a new branch in Atlanta, USA – for worldwide orders.

WorldShop is the TACTICAL NEWS MAGAZINEPartner in Israel

The newspaper’s Facebook page.

TACTICAL NEWS MAGAZINE – is the official sponsor of the International Day of Remembrance.

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Takaa Drta
Takaa Drta
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אלי פרדס
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Ibrahim Ali
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Ron Markowitz
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אורן יצחקי
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Mohammad Judeh
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Алина Привски
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