License for Mobile Tracking Software

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SKU: תוכנת ריגול רישוי

License for Mobile Tracking Software

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SKU: תוכנת ריגול רישוי Category:
A conversation with a representative (multi-line): +972-77-805-0000
Worldwide shipping delivery up to 21 days - $35.
Delivery in Israel (Yahav Shiliyot): 35 NIS, delivery time: 5 business days, there is an option for self-collection.

Advanced spyphone software inside a real and original cell phone!

The software can be installed on any Android device.

Pay attention – many customers turn to us after being stung. There is a large number of scammers on the market! How will we identify them?

1. Ask to meet with the company’s employees. If it is not a physical store that you can get to and they avoid meeting you in the store, be careful!

2. Landing page – when the site is a “page” and not a site with a store behind it that can be accessed – anyone can set it up and disappear and change a number – be careful! Make sure it’s a company you can approach.

3. Version: as of 5/2017 – on the iPhone it is not possible to install to a version above 9.1.2 (not even 9.3.2) – were you told it was possible? Be careful!!

4. Remote installation: You can install remotely, ask us about this service.

Discounted price – only 400 ILS for a license of full software including all options (installation in the business) – with the purchase of a license according to a subscription time varies according to months chosen – the subscription can be extended and stopped at any time (to view the license prices, see “Additions and upgrades” on the left of the screen). The same software, the same excellent service with 24/7 support.

Cloud software – Spyphone is hidden in the mobile device that allows you to get a full copy of all the device’s content in real time and at any given moment, including WhatsApp, calls, the location of the device, with easy and convenient control, hidden and secure. This software will allow you to be at the center of things.
Full software – everything is included. The device does not show any sign that the software exists and cannot be identified or discovered. It does not show any signs or messages on the screen – at any stage – and continues to back up and record everything.

Please note: the price does not include the mobile device itself! The software can be purchased along with the cell phone at a discounted price depending on the model you choose.

So why should you buy the service from us?

1. Worldshop is not an intermediary store – check that you are not buying the service from me – buying from the licensee saves a lot of money and gives a real-time guarantee!

2. Exclusive development in Israel – the service is also possible for Talkman devices and all existing devices. This is the difference between buying a product from a brokerage store and a licensed store.

3. Our services come with a warranty, we take care of the programming and reliability, and we guarantee 100%. Customers receive close and personal guidance from an expert technician in the field.
4. Every day, you hear in the news about researchers and store owners arrested for operating the service, and customers are exposed, lose their services, and have their services shut down without a refund. With us, the service is legal, and not only is it legal, it is also accompanied by a lawyer who oversees that it remains legal and takes care of the customer’s privacy so that the service remains active and safe without any fear of revealing the user’s information.

5.Easy and simple control – we made sure to make the control particularly easy so that everyone can work with the service without any need for technical knowledge and without giving up any existing options.

6. We made sure to develop, improve and add things without us – we studied the work, we studied the requirements, don’t feel like a guinea pig, with us you will obtain a finished product that is ready for your review and testing. We make sure to always stay in line with the updates of the various features of the iPhone and Android systems as soon as they are released on the market.

7. Fairness – when others tell you that there are “platinum” packages and all kinds of other names for the service “package”, we make sure to be transparent, reliable and fair, the cheapest price in Israel and no “extras” to pay, everything is already included and with a host of exclusive developments that make the software Ours is the most advanced on the market. We invite you to our Facebook page with over 1,000 satisfied customers with a 5 star rating.

8. World class – Worldshop is the exclusive partner in Israel for the global newspaper Tactical News Magazine – with over half a million readers every month, Worldshop with an additional branch in the USA – there is someone to trust.

9. Installation – the installation is carried out by our company’s technicians who are precisely suited to the model of the installed device, and which are developed by us and include first-rate technology developments that do not allow the discovery of the installation in the device. This contrasts with competing companies that use existing and general software that is not personally adapted and is not the product of their development.

What is included in the service:

  • Receive a full copy of all outgoing and incoming messages including SMS, WhatsApp and more…
  • Recording of all incoming and outgoing calls – you hear both sides of the conversation.
  • Copy photos – with each synchronization of the device, the photos are uploaded to a secure server.
  • Full copy of chat including WhatsApp, Facebook chat and more…
  • Device location and travel route: You can track and see the entire travel route of the device, where it travelled, where it stopped, and complete route.
  • Receiving the location when scheduled or as soon as it is received, as well as a travel route history.
  • A copy of the search history, both on the device and online
  • Security – our server is secure and located abroad – no one but you can access it – not even us.
  • Legality – the service is closely supervised by a lawyer at no extra charge on your part to ensure the legality of the software.


  • Intended for parents to supervise their children – legal and permitted to use.

More questions? Need more information? We are here for you: 054-2121123 – discretion guaranteed.

The software can be installed on any device: Galaxy – all models, Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony and more.

Common questions:

Q: When can the software be installed?

A: The software can be installed during the operating hours of the branches. You can reach us, contact customer service (on the business phone during answering hours).

Q: Do I need to coordinate an installation in advance?

A: It is recommended that you schedule an appointment at least an hour in advance between 9:00 and 20:00.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: Of course, there is a full warranty for the entire period of use of the software. Moreover, the support will be with a permanent technician as much as possible and the service is very personal and close. Any question, guidance or even the smallest problem is free of charge. There are no surprises with us.. Everything is known in advance.

Q: Can I install without heading to the store?

A: No.

Q: Can software be installed remotely without device access?

A: You can install remotely. Ask us about this service.

Q: Is the service discreet?

A: Of course, we maintain complete privacy – the site is secure, backed up on a remote server abroad to which you receive a username and password that can be changed so that even the technicians no longer have access to the information – only you.

For the avoidance of doubt, the term “Spyphone” refers to a convenience-only auxiliary name for mobile backup and documentation software. The software is subject to the laws of the country in which it will be used. It is also subject to the customer’s agreement to the “terms of purchase and use of the software”, when purchasing the software through the website and/or upon arrival at the store the customer agrees in advance. For the terms of purchase and use of the software in full as they appear in the following link – to view the link click here: In the event of a conflict between what is stated in these terms and the site regulations, these terms will prevail.


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